Morak Villa Resort (MVR)

Morak Villa Resort (MVR) is a 4 guestrooms private villa located in Kg Bendang Ketom, Wakaf Bharu approximately 7 km from Kota Bharu, the state capital city of Kelantan, Malaysia. Tagging 'Modern Living in Natural Setting' as our theme, this villa was built in a mixed modern and traditional village, secluded from the city hustle and bustle, making it the better choice for those who are seeking out privacy or holiday experience. We like to call our place as a 'boutique villa', separating us in term of facilities and services from the mass market. Staying at MVR will be great experience for travelers who choose for a local and friendly accommodation and services provider. In order to ensure you are well taken care during your stay here, we have our live in staffs who lives in a separate staff-quarters in the villa compound to attend to your needs. As of July 2019, we are able to offer additional alternative accommodation in a form of a single storey 3 bedrooms homestay next to us for those with budget in mind.

Our surrounding area offers serenity and tranquility to our guest. Guests staying with us will have the opportunity to witness a microcosm of the unique Kelantanese culture and a true Malaysian traditional lifestyle where peoples are known for their friendliness and generosity.

As a popular spot for traditional cottage industries such as batik chanting, gold and silverware making, wood-carving and songket weaving, MVR also proud to be converge in an area which showcases many of Kelantan's rich heritage of cultures and traditions. It is a place where guests can watch skilful demonstrations of giant kite-flying, light shadow puppet show and traditional performance of musical 'dikir barat'.

Truthfully, we believes in providing our guests to the best resort experience to be remembered.

New Addition - Homestay